The New Casa Bonita

Race Report 🤣: The “new” Casa Bonita.
We just got home from spending over 3 hours at Casa Bonita. We probably could have easily spent another hour and another $50 as we didn’t spend time (other than checking it out) in the new arcade. It was super fancy with all new games.
Coura was sooooo excited the whole time. She ate like 3 bites of her meal and 2.5 sopaipillas. They did have a vegan option for us. The food was just ok. I would rather have chipotle any day 🤣 but I didn’t go for the food (as per usual at Casa Bonita). The chips were amazing! The flour tortillas my mom got were amazing as well. I didn’t taste the salsa because our server thought it wasn’t vegan 🤷🏼‍♀️ but we found out later it was. I like the old sopaipillas better (they were thicker and dough-ier), but the new ones are still good. The rest of my meal was kind of boring (beans, rice, coleslaw (at least it’s vegan) and vegan chile relleno, which was also just ok). My mom and her hubby both had a meat dish and said it was much better than the old food. Oh, and I did sneak some guac in because I wasn’t sure what they would have the Coura would like. 🤣 so that helped us vegans 🌱🥑 🙌
The restaurant was one hundred billion times cleaner. The bathrooms used to be so sketchy and now they sparkle. The door and walls and tables are all new and not sticky 🤣. Even Black Bart’s Cave was sooooo clean! All the entertainment was leveled up and the ambiance was so uplifting and fun. THe puppet show was one of the highlights for both me and Coura.
The staff was incredible and nice and welcoming. The service at our table and for all of the extras (puppet show, magic show, treasure chest, balloon animal guy, photo with Cartman guy, everyone) was overly pleasant in a really good way.
For 4 of us it cost $181 total and we spent like $100 total in the gift shop 🤣🤣. We didn’t have extra drinks or anything at the table. Tipping is included in the ticket price.
I just put myself back on the list to go again and Coura wants to have her birthday party there now.
I have easily been to Casa Bonita over 100 times in my life. I was 1 year old in 1973 when it opened and have gone several times a year since! It is a great place to take guests from out of town because it’s a Colorado must-visit!
To get on the list, you need to go to and sign up to be on their email list. Once there, you patiently wait (mine took about 10 months) to receive a link to reserve a date, time, and tickets. You can reserve up to 8, but I could never find a time where 8 tickets were actually available. Adults are $40 and kids are $25 plus tax and fees (tips. etc).
Good luck! And I would love to hear about your experience as well.
See you soon! Maybe even at Casa Bonita!!